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Juanka is a percussionist and a singer with great passion: whether son, salsa, bolero, cha-cha-cha, mambo, merengue or rumba, he brings vibrant verve into the music. His voice gets under your skin.

COHIMBRE in Europe: The Original with Juanka lives on!
Juanka is Director General of the original Cuban music group COHIMBRE. The band carries away its audience into the sparkling world of Cuban music with a unique combination of traditional Cuban sounds and vigorous new rhythms. Information and dates of the groups’ tours to Europe: www.cohimbre.com.

COHIMBRE A Tres or A Quatro - Juanka and CUBAN musicians living in Germany
When the other COHIMBRE musicians are Cuba, nevertheless, Juanka is available for performances. In Germany he has at his disposal an excellent network of excellent Cuban musicians. Tailor-made for each occasion, he brings together the perfect formation.