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Juanka was born in Camagüey, the enchanting cultural oasis in the heart of Cuba. Since his adolescence, his hometown is Las Tunas known as the balcony of the hot East de Cuba.

From his uncle, Miguel, a brilliant percussionist who was a member of the famous Orchestra Armonías de Vertiente he already learned to play the drums at kindergarten-age.

At 16 he founded his first band. From 1984-1988 he was a member the school orchestra Diego Sanchez Milan. Here, his percussion talent got the professional touch.
Juanka has been a professional musician for more than a decade. But he is also an enthusiastic teacher. After graduating as Maestro Primario, he was a primary school teacher from 1985-1995 with a focus on special education activities. In addition, he composes and writes song texts.
In 1994, Juanka together with Leonel Oliva Salas founded the band COHIMBRE. From 1998 to 2004 he lived in the picturesque Trinidad de Cuba where he worked with his music group in Canchánchara, very popular bar, as well as in many other local music bars.

In the meantime Juanka moved to Germany and lives with his German wife, Dr. Marita Haibach, in Wiesbaden. Even here, he thrills his fans with hot drum sounds and excellent cocktails.